He was an orange tabby kitten who was just looking for a warm place to curl up.  He picked a car engine.  When the car owner turned the key the kitten caught in the fan belt.  It smashed his front leg and broke his tail.  When Amos arrived he was a bloody mess.  Veterinary staff assessed his injuries but instead of deciding he was too hurt to help—they decided he deserved a second chance. 

Our second chance medical program provides pain patches, veterinary care and medicine to injured or sick animals.  Heartworm positive dogs and cats receive life saving treatments. Pets with crushed limbs undergo amputations.  Animals that can be saved by operations get surgery.

Amos is now a rambunctious young adult cat. He probably doesn’t even realize he’s missing a leg, much less a tail.  He holds his own.  He plays hard.  He delights his owner.