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Wow, did we get more than we expected!

My daughter Delaney loves, no ... adores, cats. When the Nebraska Humane Society offered free adoption for cats, we rushed to bring one home. She fell in love with a larger, fluffy, orange cat and we brought him home. It was a few days of adjustment and then off to the vet who informed us that Sebastian was actually a Norwegian Forest Cat and that he was much younger than we thought. Sebastian was actually only about 8 months old!

After about a week, he showed off his true kitten flare and illustrated to us what being a Norwegian Forest Cat is all about!! He knocks on the door to a room he wants to enter ... with his head. He follows Delaney around the house like a dog and will even play fetch with a pepsi bottle lid if he is in the mood. When Delaney is in the bathroom, he waits patiently outside the door for her to emerge. He is quite the cat and we love him!

From Stray to Stay

We love him so much and are so thankful for the Nebraska Humane Society for helping us find the next member of our family.

We adopted Beans (Bronx) from the Humane Society just over a week ago. He has been the best thing ever. He is living up to his Border Collie breed, with endless energy and intelligence to match. He has started obedience classes and has already learned sit and down. Surprisingly he is for the most part house trained, which is AWESOME! We love him so much and are so thankful for the Nebraska Humane Society for helping us find the next member of our family.

Our Little Ivy

We are very blessed and thankful for our new addition

We were introduced to Ivy 2 weeks ago and our family instantly bonded. We are very blessed and thankful for our new addition. She is so playful and smart and happy! She loves long walks around the lake and meeting new friends. She also does very well in the car and road trips! Although it has only been 2 weeks, she is very much a part of our lives. Thank you so much!

Handsom Fella

I think I found the best

I just got Casey on Saturday, July 18. He is a beautiful 11-year-old male Tabby. I am amazed how smart he is and how well the bonding process is going.I truly think it is love on both sides. Thank you Humane Society and all of the staff for saving such a fine guy for me.

Welcome Home Chase

Welcome Home Chase
Welcome Home Chase

The story of how Chase changed our lives in 24 hours

Our family has been wanting to add another furry member for a while. We all had it in our minds that we would love a Siberian Husky. To look into those beautiful blue eyes every day would be magical! Something told me to take a look at the Nebraska Humane Society website and there he was: Rowdy, a 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky. I felt a connection to him already even though I was only looking at him on a computer screen.

I immediately sent the information to my husband Wade and asked him to go over to the Humane Society to see if he was still there and to check him out. He called me to tell me he was there and he had immediately connected with Rowdy. I decided to check him out myself so I took my lunch break and headed over. I walked into the getting acquainted room and Rowdy immediately picked up his ball from the floor and brought it over to me, sat down and placed it in my lap to play fetch. I was hooked!

We decided to adopt Rowdy and brought him home to meet our children Joshua (13) and Kayla (10). We let the kids rename Rowdy since he wasn't a Rowdy at all. He is calm, laid-back, well-behaved and as sweet as can be. Kayla decided on the name Chase and we all agreed that was a good name.

We took Chase to our vet yesterday and he said he is a GREAT dog! Healthy as can be and a perfect fit for our family. After the vet appointment we took him to PetSmart to pick out some new toys, food, a new collar, leash, and name tag, as well as a few other items. He walked around the store without pulling and never barked at any other animal. He held his head up high and pranced around like he was king of the world!

We do have a 3-year-old cat named Koko who loves dogs - I know how unique that is right? Koko and Chase are very curious with each other and rub noses and check each other out. Then Chase wants to play and starts chasing Koko which she participates in for a few minutes before running under our bed. I have no doubt they will be great friends after they have adjusted to each other. Even though it has been less than 24 hours since Chase joined our family, we all have fallen in love with him and feel like he's been a part of our family for years. He adapted to our home with no issues, ate his dog food (a true sign of being comfortable), played ball and Frisbee in the back yard, gave lots of kisses to each of us and had a great night sleep.

Our son even created an Instragram account for Chase! 

Thank you to everyone at the Nebraska Humane Society for being so kind to Chase during his stay with you and allowing us to adopt an amazing dog which has brought a ray of sunshine into our lives.

Becky Davenport (and Wade, Joshua and Kayla)

My Maggie Moo

The love of a fur child

My fiancé had been bugging me for months about getting a puppy. As per usual, I finally caved, but I told him that we had to adopt from the Humane Society. I then went off on a mission to find the next member of our little family, which didn't take very long. We went to the Humane Society the very next day and visited with a few different dogs, but as soon as Maggie walked in to the room I was in love. She was such a sweet girl jumping to and from our laps and giving kisses. I knew right then that she was meant to be our fur baby. We took her home that night she made herself right at home jumping in to bed with us and burrowing her way down the blanket. It's been 8 days since we brought her home, she has adjusted very well. We found out she is afraid of thunderstorms when she woke us up at 3am shaking and whimpering, but her and my fiancé are now thunder buddies for life. She is definitely a well-loved, spoiled little girl. Thank you to the Humane Society for taking such good care of her during her short stay. 

Lucky's Home

Lucky and our dog are the best of friends!

I adopted Lucky last week. We were nervous because we already had two dogs in the house. Lucky surprised us!! He and Baloo are best friends. They sleep together and even eat together. Baloo (the dog) follows Lucky everywhere he goes in the house. Lucky sits by the patio door waiting for him to come back in. They are the best of friends. It is amazing


Thanks to the Humane Society for all the work you do for homeless pets, and for taking care of Bosley before he found his forever home with us!

We adopted Bosley from the NE Humane Society on May 16th, 2015. He is such a wonderful addition to our home. We had been looking for a dog for quite some time, but knew we would have to be patient. Due to our jobs as teachers, we knew needed an older dog that didn't require a lot of training or that was particularly high maintenance, so I kept an eye on the website a good match. We came in on a Saturday and while we were looking at the dogs, Bosley pressed the right side of his face against his kennel with his big brown eye, and we were hooked! We were pleased to give him a good home. He has the sweetest disposition, all of our friends and family love him, and he enjoys whatever we are doing, whether that is taking him out for a walk or enjoying a quiet evening watching TV. Thanks to the Humane Society for all the work you do for homeless pets, and for taking care of Bosley before he found his forever home with us!

The dog who stole our hearts

The 10-year-old dog that has some issues wasn't getting ove looked anymore!

I saw this little Chihuahua mix online for a few months & happen to see her again with a not so good update. She had gotten so timid she was put in back by herself. When it was time to meet her, there was a lot of "Don't touch, move slow, and don't worry if she won't come to you."

Within 10 seconds, she was licking my face and then I noticed her odd tongue. It was hanging out because all of her upper teeth and all but 4 lower were removed. I knew she was coming home with us, which she did after our dogs met her. It's been a great thing since. She is 10 years old and has other health issues, such as a heart murmur and a serious knee thing that will require surgery, but she adds to our family what we didn't we were missing. She is a doll! Our life long doll! And we will be alright with financial side, she is eorth every penny!

Finally Forever Rocky

Finally Forever Rocky
Finally Forever Rocky

Rocky had been in and out of the Humane Society many many times (six!) before we found him

We had previously adopted from Humane Society and were thrilled with our current pet: Lady, a Catahoula Leopard dog we adopted on October 11,2012. We had considered a playmate for Lady. My boyfriend really wanted a Jack Russell. We put in a breed request and looked at dogs for 3 months. We knew we needed a dog to get along with the bustle of our busy family (4 teenage boys and an 8-year-old girl) plus Lady. Then Rocky appeared.

Rocky said he needed a home with no other pets, no kids under 12 and a fence.We didn't meet any of those criteria. I kept following Rocky's profile. I watched his price go down and his profile change to list his needs. We decided to see as a family if Rocky would work with our family. My 1st request was to see how Rocky and our 8-year-old daughter react to each other. They got along great. We then worked with an animal behavioral specialist to introduce Lady and Rocky. Both the adoption counselor and behavioral specialists said they wanted this to work and for Rocky to finally find his forever home. After an hour and half meet and greet, Rocky and Lady were playing.

Rocky came home with us! He has needed to adjust and us to him. He is an high energy boy that likes routine, needs to be supervised in the yard (he likes to dig and chase ANY critter) and loves to chew. Over the last year, we discovered he is most comfortable sleeping under the covers with our 8-year-old, loves walks, likes play time, is very protective of all of us and our yard, gets along with other dogs well now and loves to play in water. He learns quickly and we can mark his behavior. Our favorite is to say "baby" and he flops backwards and likes to have his belly patted and while I rock him.

We are grateful to have him as part of our family!



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