Exercise needs
Coach Potato
Dogs who are Couch Potatoes prefer a soft bed or a cuddle over a long walk. If you're looking for a dog who has minimal exercise needs, this is your dog!
  Now and Then
Now and Then dogs are low-key and are content being with you for daily activities. They will also enjoy occasional play time.
 Weekend Athlete
Weekend Athletes enjoy moderate exercise a few times a week. So if you're looking for a dog who wouldn't mind an occasional jog around the block, then the Weekend Athlete is your type of dog.
Daily Workout
Daily Workout dogs are usually high energy. They would do best in a home that can provide them active and involved physical exercise every day.
These dogs have energy to burn; Marathoners require daily exercise, and lots of it, to keep them physically and mentally healthy. If you're looking for a dog who wants to run the extra mile, then a Marathoner is the perfect dog for you.
Ease of Training
What's Training
To our knowledge this dog has had no previous obedience training.
Dogs who are capable respond well to positive reinforcement, and with a little patience and additional training, these dogs appear able to learn new things.
Dogs who are Willing may already know something, like “sit,” and these dogs are willing to learn more. If you’re looking for a dog who is off to a good start but could benefit from additional obedience classes, this is your kind of dog.
Eager dogs already have a few “tricks” up their paws, and they like learning new skills. These dogs would enjoy taking additional training classes to keep their minds active.
  Teacher's Pet
Like the name says, Teacher’s Pets want to impress because they know the basics and are excited to learn more. Enroll these dogs in obedience training and go to the head of the class with a dog who already knows at least three commands.
Friendliness with People
Dogs who are Reserved tend to be a little hesitant with unfamiliar people. Reserved dogs are loving but require patience and will need a little time to warm up to anyone new, like visitors to your home.
A Bashful dog is a bit conflicted—shy but still seeking tender loving care. Bashful dogs want attention; they’re just a little scared to ask for it, and as a result may be a bit timid around strangers.
Most people wish their actual neighbors would act like a Neighborly dog. These dogs have time for a quick hello for almost anyone, but they don’t demand attention. Neighborly dogs can be easily distracted by their environment . . . . Squirrel!!
Outgoing dogs are friendly and love attention. They seek and maintain human interaction.
  Loves Everyone
This dog has never met a person he/she didn’t like and will likely approach ANYONE enthusiastically, quickly, and voluntarily.
Maybe/ Maybe Not
This dog may want to play at your house, but during his/her behavior evaluation he/she did not play.
  On Request
Are you looking for a dog who wants to play when you want to? If you initiate playtime, this dog doesn’t mind playing along for short periods of time.
An Amateur dog loves to play with both toys and humans and may even initiate play. But Amateurs haven’t quite grasped how to play by themselves and may need you to keep the game going.
A semi-pro will offer the best of both worlds. This dog loves to play for moderate periods of time, either on his/her own or with you. So make sure you have a few toys around the house to keep you and him/her entertained.
  Party Animal
Party Animals are always looking for a toy or human to play with. This dog will initiate play and will require daily playtime. Party Animals may also seek inappropriate “entertainment” if they don’t feel like they are receiving enough playtime.
Friendliness with dogs
Prefers People
Dogs in this category prefer people to other dogs. They don’t react well when dogs come up in their faces, but they’re ok if the other dog is just walking by. These dogs likely prefer to be the only dog in the house.
This dog’s behavior depends on the other dog. Just like most of us, he/she doesn’t like everyone and would require an introduction before being placed in a home with a resident dog.
This dog might have avoided the other dog or just didn’t engage during an introduction but didn’t show inappropriate behavior toward other dogs.
These dogs are comfortable and relaxed when meeting a new dog and may approach the other dog or simply acknowledge the other dog and move on.
This dog enjoys the company of other dogs and generally displays friendly, outgoing behavior when introduced to another dog.
Leash Manners
Like a Dream
This dog walks well on leash and generally does not pull. He/she takes his cues from you. If you’re looking for a great walking companion, then this is the dog for you!
  Almost Never Pulls
This dog appears to have some leash training and will generally walk well on leash.
  Pulls Sometimes
When this dog is on leash he/she may stop and smell the roses (even if you don’t want to) but will be back at your side once the investigation is over.
  Pulls Often
This dog will pull often while on leash and will require additional training to help with the pulling. We may even suggest the proper collar/harness to use with this dog.
This dog is on the go and is willing and able to pull you along if you can’t keep up. With this dog we will suggest the proper equipment to help manage the behavior, and we also strongly encourage training classes to make sure this dog doesn’t end up walking you.


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