Cat Friendliness
Cats who are reserved will make eye contact but not approach you. They may try to hide or run away and usually ignore toys. These felines may prefer a quieter home in order to feel comfortable
Cats who are bashful will make eye contact and may "talk" but not approach you. They will acknowledge toys but not play and will likely attend to something else. These shy cats accept gentle TLC.
Neighborly cats make eye contact and will approach with encouragement. They may be interested by a toy but are more interested in coming back for stroking. They'll say "hi" but won't overstay their welcome.
Outgoing cats approach you with minimal encouragement and will sniff or head butt you for attention. These friendly felines are alert and inquisitive and often enticed by toys.
Loves Everyone
These cats actively solicit attention by rubbing, head butting and approaching you. If you have a toy they will likely engage you, just to get attention. You won't be a stranger for long.
Cat Petting
No Thank You
These cats don't like to be picked up or held. But that doesn't mean they don't want to interact with you. They will accept gentle petting when all four fee are on the ground
   Maybe, Maybe Not
Maybe/ Maybe Nots are cats who accept petting, but are interested in other things and may try to escape when being held. These cats will let you know when they want attention.
   On Request
On Request cats enjoy short bouts of petting and usually leave after a few strokes. They may push away when being held, but they appreciate attention for short periods of time.
  Bring It On
Bring it On cats circle you attentively and run on your hands and lege. They actively seek you out for a chin run or massage.
  Any Time, Any Place
These cats are attention hogs, meowing when you approach and often rolling over on their back and purring. These cats tend to be relaxed when being held and seek out the spotlight.
Cat Confidence
Hide N Seek
Hide n' Seek cats are fearful here because they do not enjoy new surroundings. They will liekly hide while adjusting to their new homes as well.
  Peek A Boo
Peek a Boos are worried in their new surroundings. They will investigate occasionally, but prefer to hide. These cats will likely wait until you're in bed to investigate their new home.
  Private Eye
Private Eyes will cautiously investigate new surroundings while keeping a watchful eye for danger. These cats will work "undercover" to check out their new home.
Inquisitive cats are curious and fairly confident, but remain on guard when they explore. While they like attention, they also appreciate some alone time.
Adventurous cats are extremely curious and want to investigate everything. They are brimming with confidence so let the fun begin!

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