Beginning January 1, 2009 Omaha city ordinance will require Pit Bulls, Cane Corsos, Presa Carnarios, Dogo Argentinas, American Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and predominant mixes of these breeds to be muzzled whenever they are outside and not in a securely fenced yard.  However those dogs who are exceptionally gentle and under the control of their owners  can get a muzzle exemption by following certain requirements and passing a Canine Good Citizen Test. The following classed are geared toward acquiring Breed Ambassador Status.  Look below for a full explanation of Breed Ambassador Requirements.

Breed Ambassador Program
Pitbulls and included bully breeds and mixes who are exceptionally gentle and under the control of their owners can get a muzzle exemption if they apply for and receive Breed Ambassador Status.

Breed Ambassadors must:

  • File to take a Canine Good Citizenship Test given at the Nebraska Humane Society  (this includes a $25 filing fee and a $50 test fee) and pass the test. For a link to test criteria click here.   * We strongly urge anyone interested in this to  prepare for the test by taking a CGC class either at NHS or one of the obedience programs in town. Currently we know that Companion Dog Club, Bon-a-fide Academy, and Go Dogs all offer CGC classes.  We understand this will be an additional expense to owners but it will be worth it as very few dogs pass the CGC test on their first try.
  • The owner must also take a responsible pet ownership course given at NHS  
  • Provide proof of sterilization
  • Provide proof the dog has been microchipped—and provide the number
  • Provide proof of $100,000 liability insurance
  • Provide proof the dog has been licensed and vaccinated
  • Have had no violation of any animal ordinance by this dog

Once the dog receives the Breed Ambassador Designation he must:

  • At all times in public wear both a harness and collar with a connector joined in such a way as to provide a redundant restraint system should one fail.  This connector will be attached to the leash.  The connector shall be of a material sufficient to restrain the dog.  The leash cannot exceed 6 feet. 
  • The dog must wear a vest purchased from NHS that has the words “Breed Ambassador” and an identifying number when outside the home and securely fenced yard.  
  • The dog must be re-tested by NHS every year
  • If at any time a “Breed Ambassador” is in violation of any pet ordinance the designation shall be revoked and the dog will be required to wear a muzzle.



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