Too Big a Name for Quiet Girl

NHS called her Mercedes...

We were looking for another English Springer Spaniel as a companion for our then 5 year old ESS Smokey. It may have been kennel fear, but all the ESS's at NHS were shy, almost timid. We were patient for over a year, when an email came through to me at work.
While she isn't a ESS, when we met her, we knew there was a connection. "Mercedes" was playful, full of energy, and didn't shy away from our ESS's snoopy nose. The name was just too big for such a girl. Renamed Sadie, we have seen so much joy through her experiences with us. When people ask me at the doggie park what she is, I tell them part lab, part border collie and part question mark. Always willing to play, first to greet me at the door, her nose under my hand, her unconditional love reminds me daily that she is a miracle in my life.
Not a day goes by the two of them don't have some form of WWE Smack Down happening in the house - a lot of smack talking, a little wrestling. Her chatter in the morning is a stark contrast to the girl who didn't bark or wimper for 2 months when she was first adopted.
Together now for 4 years, I can't think of another dog that would have been the great companion she is.


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