Sage's Wisdom

Mourning dog-mom finds a life-saver.

I lost my Papillon Ricky at 3 years and 5 days of age to a rare disease. It had only been three weeks but my family and I were in Omaha to do some shopping. My sister suggested we go look at the NHS to see if there were any dogs available for adoption. Although I still had a 12 year old Australian Shepherd at home, I wanted a young dog that I could start working with in obedience and agility. I nearly adopted a beautiful 9 month old black-tri Australian Shepherd but when they showed me the 13 week old blue merle Australian Shepherd, I lost my heart immediately. We took the puppy home after she was spayed and named her "Sage" because we hoped she would be wise but spicy. So far, she's proven to be a sassy, loving ball of fire. She plays with my sister's dogs with a ferocity that is adorable (especially the younger male Aussie.) She plays with another sister's Papillon with great care. She's not entirely sure how to play with the cats but she's very careful to follow Lacey's (the old dog) lead. While I still hurt for Ricky's loss, Sage can bring a smile to my face just by being a happy, confident puppy. Moving on doesn't mean you don't miss the ones who are gone, just that you intend to keep on living.


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