Ginger's New Life

A Greyhound one more time!!

I originally came to the Humane Society looking for a small dog to be a companion for our 2 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel, Nicholas. As I walked past the kennels, who should catch my eye... Ginger, an 11 month old, beautiful red greyhound. Our family previously had two male greyhounds who ended up suffering tragically from cancer. I said, "Never again!" after watching both of them suffer, but I knew in my heart that this greyhound would be going home with me. And she did!! She had been categorized as a "wallflower" but she is anything but! Ginger is personality plus and everyone loves her. She has even found a way to sneak in on the bed at night even though she has her choice of soft comforters on the carpet BY the bed. She has a safe fenced in area on our acreage where she can run as fast as she pleases - and she does! We have not regretted a moment of adding Ginger to our family.


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