(AKA Burt)

When we began thinking of adding another pet to our family, the only choice for us was NHS. We wanted a slightly larger dog, to befriend our miniature schnauzer who seemed to be lonely since the death of our german shorthair last year.
Two of my children accompanied me to NHS, and we saw "Burt" - a big black dog (what I didn't think I wanted). But, when we visited with him, my kids fell in LOVE instantly. He is a lab/basset mix, and has the best part of both breeds. He's fun and playful like a lab, but can also just lazily hang around the house and NEVER jumps up, like a basset.
He plays famously with our schnauzer, and when it's time to settle down for the evening, he cuddles up next to one of us and goes to sleep. We renamed him Taylor, and he's fitting in perfectly! We couldn't be happier with our adoption choice.
Thank you to NHS for accepting Taylor's transfer from another shelter after a very long stay (the day before we adopted him!). Without the work you do, our family would still be incomplete!
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