The Little Decisions We Make

Saffron (Fawn) and Clove (Black).

My Husband and I make routine trips to the local pet store with our dog for supplies, Most the times its in and out with the dog food but for some reason we found our selves looking at the small critters and falling in love. But instead of making a hasty decision we decided to go home and do our home work to see which breed was right for us. We quickly found our selves learning the difference between Rats, Mice, Hamsters and Gerbils. The differences in the care that would need to be provided for each breed and decided that Gerbils would be the perfect fit for our home. We also learned that there were many rescue organizations for small critters and through the web we came across the Nebraska Humane Society website where they had several small animals listed for adoption. We took the next step and visited the NHS and found two perfect pets, Saffron (Fawn) and Clove (Black). They would be considered seniors but after seeing them in person we knew they were the perfect decision for us. Now the girls are living it up in a duplex with an attached bungalow and seem to be very happy in the gold years! Thank you NHS for all your hard work


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