The Naughtiest Kitten Alive

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Naughty Kitten
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This is Naughtiest Kitten in the World.  That is her name! : )  She is a dilute calico that will be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks.  She came to NHS in the night drop box with her mom and 7 siblings.  Mom and babies went to the adoption counselor offices to foster but after a few days they determined that they could not keep up with feeding them and mom could not feed all 8 so they came home with me so I could help mom out on a more consistent basis.  Of course they all got nasty URI's but are now all better and several have already been adopted.  She is the runt and what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality.  She is a wild woman.  If there is trouble to be found she will be the one to make the discovery.  Her tail is always puffed and she is always on the go.  Moments of stillness to capture a picture are few and far between.  She expects to be cuddled after wearing herself out though and will purrs the minute you pick her up. She will provide hours of entertainment for her new family as she loves loves loves toys like the laser pointer and pull strings.

Post provided by NHS Foster Parent, Laura Salter, if you would like to adopt this kitten please email Laura at


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