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No Name Kitty
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She and her siblings were born at NHS.  Their momma was an outdoor cat that some nice soul had been feeding and when she noticed momma was going to be a momma brought her to NHS so she would not have to have her babies outside. They came home with me when they were just a few days old.  Momma was VERY scared and hung out under the bed in my spare room for 5 weeks.  The kittenswere in a basket and she would come out to feed them occasionally but was so nervous that I had to feed them as well to help her out.  Unfortunately, it was determined that momma was not "adoptable" into a home but we were lucky enough to find her a farm home where she is now the resident mouser in the horse barn and by all accounts is doing well.  The kittens are lucky as well in that  the good samaritan that brought momma to us so that they could be indoor kitties when they grow up!  She will be available for adoption next week as she is almost 2 pounds and 2 of her siblings have already left the nest.

Post provided by NHS Foster Parent, Laura Salter, if you would like to adopt this kitten please email Laura at mbslds@cox.net


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