Foxy Roxy

Expecting Puppies Any Day Now

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foxy roxy

Foxy Roxy is a 2 year old silky terrier/yorkie terrier that came to NHS as a stray and very very pregnant.  She is in foster care until her puppies are born and old enough to be adopted!  She is a super sweet dog.  Very loving and gentle with her human friends she is a bit shy at first until you have established that you are a friend.  She is good with other dogs now so I have to think she will be great when she is not totally miserable from being pregnant.  She will most likely do best in a home with no cats as they seem to irritate her and she likes to chase them but right now that is kind of like Wiley Coyote chasing the Road Runner.  She does like to sleep in bed with you and does not hog the covers!  She does like to bark at things so that is something that her new owner will need to address and work on but overall she listens very well when you tell her no no.


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